Keeping up with the Mac Admins

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down for a moment and write. There are many posts I’d like to write, or, at least get started on, but I have not had the time. I am currently studying for my Linux + certification. Studying has consumed my already limited time.

I wanted to take a break from studying and write a quick posts for those who may have just started as a Mac Admin. I don’t claim to be a Mac Guru, but along the way I have found some valuable resources, which have taught me a lot about Mac administration. I thought I’d share these invaluable resources with you.

Believe it or not Twitter is a wealth of knowledge for Mac Administrators. If you don’t have a Twitter account, I suggest you sign up. If you search #macadmins you can find a lot of current information on what’s happening in the Mac community. You will also figure out who you should follow on Twitter for the current events in Mac administration.

Next. If you’ve never heard of Slack or  don’t know about the Mac Admins slack channel, you need to sign up right away. There are over 12 thousand Mac Admins on the Mac Admins slack channel. You can join channels such as HighSierra, Munki, MicrosoftOffice, etc. The list goes on and on. To sign up for slack go to and create an account. You won’t be sorry. Become an active participant. You will learn so much, and contribute your knowledge.

Finally, I highly recommend the MacAdmins podcast hosted by Tom Bridge. New episodes are published every Monday. The podcast is entertaining and informative. The information I have learned from this podcast, I have been able to share with my organization to solve real world problems. Just go there. Listen. You won’t regret it.  Search for MacAdmins in your podcast player or go to for the shows and show notes.

Anyway, back to studying…